What to submit

Material submitted to CJ should fulfill the following criteria:

  1. Submissions should contain original research, new analyses and / or new interpretations focusing on Japan. Authors should also explain how their contribution fits in with the existing body of literature on the respective topic.
  2. Authors should not submit articles or substantial amounts of text that have already been published or are forthcoming in other places, or which are included in other manuscripts submitted for review (including online journals) or otherwise committed.
  3. Submitted material should demonstrate a familiarity with the Japanese and non-Japanese language literature on the topic discussed. Priority is given to submissions that utilize both Japanese and other language sources.
  4. Authors should keep their contributions as self-contained as possible. Do not simply refer readers to other publications for descriptions of research procedures or major portions of your argument, but explain the main points briefly in your manuscript.
  5. Submissions must be no longer than 8,000 words, including notes, tables, charts and bibliography. An abstract of 200 words and 3-5 keywords should accompany the manuscript. See our stylesheet for more information.

By submitting to Contemporary Japan an author agrees to the conditions specified in the publisher's Copyright Agreement.