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Contemporary Japan (CJ) is the biannual journal of the German Institute for Japanese Studies Tokyo (DIJ). It is published by de Gruyter, Berlin and New York. 

Contemporary Japan publishes original research that relates to present-day Japan or its recent historical development. Manuscripts which cross disciplinary boundaries and raise issues beyond the case of Japan are also welcome. Submissions are peer-reviewed in a double-blind process by established scholars in the respective field.

Contemporary Japan is a platform for state of the art research that offers authors several unique advantages:

    1. Contemporary Japan is open to all scientific methods applied in the social sciences and humanities.
    2. Contemporary Japan promotes the publication of recent empirical findings and innovative theoretical approaches, including comparative and interdisciplinary studies, provided authors clearly demonstrate the contribution to the field of research and its place in the relevant literature.
    3. Contemporary Japan maintains a professional and fast review process, thus guaranteeing timely publication of accepted manuscripts.
    4. Papers of excellent quality can also be submitted in Japanese or German. Accepted articles will be translated into English free of charge, given that (a) the material is original research which has not been published in either language yet, and (b) the author demonstrates a sound knowledge of the international literature in the field.
    5. All issues of Contemporary Japan are available open access at